proton australia
proton australia

ooops…saje bagi tajuk gempak. sebenarnya saya baru balik dari Australia so nak kongsi sedikit perkembangan terbaru Proton di Australia. Proton BLM akan di perkenalkan bermula Oktober 2009 dengan tag harga bawah AUD13,000. Satria GTI juga akan diperkenalkan semula ke dalam bentuk dan model yang baru sepertimana yang telah kita lihat di Malaysia…

Proton Satria S2000 makes stunning WRC debut

Some of the spectators are saying it was like a Formula 1 car the way it went through the corners without moving, it was as though they weren’t there.

That and the very steeply raked bonnet gives it good aerodynamics and the combination of those give it that go-kart-like handling.

The engine’s already very strong: it’s a long stroke and a small bore, which gives it a lot of torque compared with the other Super 2000 cars. If you watch the in-car, you can leave it in gear for a lot longer, it doesn’t have such a small power band. We’ve got a 1,500rpm to 2,000rpm power band rather than the 500rpm which is normal. You can drive this thing along the main road at 3,000rpm – that’s how flexible the engine is.

It’s just the right size. It’s only five millimetres higher than it needs to be [for homologation] which makes it just the right length and it’s very low. The car’s only 1.3 metres high.

PROTON joins Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC)

Marcello Lotti, the IRC’s General Manager, commented: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Proton into the IRC family, which goes from strength to strength. The new Satria Neo S2000 has already attracted a lot of praise in its short career to date. I have no doubt that Proton will quickly find success with competitive rally customers on IRC events, as well as on national and regional championships that are based on S2000 technical regulations.”

Proton Managing Director, Datuk Syed Zainal, added
“The IRC provides the ideal format for manufacturers to showcase their products around the world. We are very excited to register for the IRC this year, alongside many of the leading manufacturers in motorsport. Although we are still developing the Proton, the IRC will provide the perfect opportunity to gauge the competitiveness of the car, and ultimately to take the project forward.”

The IRC is an intercontinental rally series authorised by the FIA, which got underway at the start of this year with the Monte Carlo Rally: the oldest and prestigious event in the history of the sport.