High Power LED Super Bright BMW Angel Eyes For Sale

Your aging BMW headlight may need an upgrade

We all know how crucial it is that we have a dependable good bright light, especially when driving in rainy and misty days. Too often, however, the car headlights are not working as we expect it would be. Angel Eyes BMW H8 High Power LED ring marker is the perfect solution for night driving. There are two types of LED Angel Eye on the market today and they can be mistakenly looked the same at the first glance. One is with a wider angle and the other one with a narrow angle version of light. This is an important distinction, because one is the narrow angle of 30 degrees while the angle of the lamp arm is 60 degrees wide.

That’s a big difference, especially if you are driving at night in dark areas with no other lights that can guide your driving.

Narrow angle versus wider angle

Wide-angle 60 degrees H8 High Power LED bulbs provide a maximum power of the headlights and let you see more distance of the roads. Night driving can be dangerous, especially if you drive in a rural area with a nocturnal animal. Have you seen what can affect a driver even a small deer can do to a car? The arm of a broader light can help you spot objects near the road even before you smell the danger.

BMW Angel Eyes HID resembles 2011 BMW 5-series with an output of 6W in total. These are yellow light and replace them with the newer model is the way to go. You can replace the old halogen lamps with LED lights for better visibility, longer bulb life and reduced carbon footprint. Each section has two 3W high power LED lamps, high and low beams. Installation is easy even you can do it yourself. What you do is to remove the old bulb and just simply plug in the Angel Eyes. The decoder which its task is to neutralize any error will ensure they are turned on and not cause an error message on the dashboard.

This high power LED Angel Eye is tailored to fit into 2009 and up E90 Sedan, Coupe E92 2007 and later, 2009 and up E92 M3 and E93 Convertible 2008 and later. Also models that fit with the new bulb are the 1 Series, X Series and Z Series. Angel Eyes For BMW will only set properly if it is installed with BMW factory HID LIGHTS. BMW is one of the best cars in the world and accessories such as BMW Angel Eye Kit makes it much more better.

You do not have to be satisfied with the dull yellow light when you can choose to have bright, white LED.

Angel Eyes LED BMW latest models

GP Thunder Plasma-White H8, 8500K / 35W Quartz Glass Bulbs (2 bulbs)
Amazon Price: $10.49
PIAA 18235 H8 Xtreme White Bulb - Twin Pack
Amazon Price: $55.00
List Price: $89.00
iJDMTOY 7000K Xenon White 6W High Power H8 LED Angel Eyes for BMW E60 E90 E92 E70 E71 E89 E82 1 3 5 Series X5 X6 Z4
Amazon Price: $69.99
iJDMTOY 7000K Extremely Bright 10W CREE High Power LED Angel Eyes Bulbs for BMW E39 E53 E60 E63 E64 E65 E66 E83 5 6 7 Series X3 X5
Amazon Price: $79.99
BMW Ultra Bright 7000K White LED 20W H8 Angel Eye Halo Bulb
Amazon Price: $64.99
List Price: $77.99
iJDMTOY 360-Degree Xenon White CREE 20W High Power H8 LED Angel Eyes for BMW E60 E61 E90 E92 E70 E71 E82 E89 1 3 5 Series X5 X6 Z4
Amazon Price: $139.99
Spec-R H8 Red LED Devil Eye Halo Ring Light Bulbs for BMW E92 E82 X5 X6
Amazon Price: $38.00
Super Bright Green Led Angel Eye Halo Ring Bulbs Kit H8 Light Lamp For BMW 1 3 5 6 Series
Amazon Price: $49.99
BMW ANGEL EYE E92 E93 H8 HALO RING High Power LED BULBS Head Light 7000K White
Amazon Price: $42.25
iJDMTOY 7000K Xenon White 6W High Power LED Angel Eyes for BMW E90 E91 325i 330i Pre-LCI (Before Facelift)
Amazon Price: $44.40

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