What can we do to save on fuel and help our budgets out?

Dear Readers,

Do we will ever see the days of inexpensive gas again? With everything happening in our world it is very doubtful that we will ever see the return of low fuel prices. What can we do to save on fuel and help our budgets out?

The main idea here is to think of every little thing you can do to save on gas prices, and combine the ideas together. Jointly, you can possibly save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year of you build up a plan and adhere to it.

One of the plan of action, and this is a long term one, is to decrease your dependency on gas and fuel overall. Carpooling is probably the easiest and most in effect way to reduce your fuel costs immediately. This may not be practical for some people but for spouses or colleagues that live and work in similar locations it is ideal. Let’s face it…we may not see cheap gas return for a long time, if ever.

Here are some basic tips to better gas mileage or save up fuel in general. Some of these are obvious, but you may not have thought of some of the items on this list:

•Get a more fuel efficient car or hybrid
•Plan trips depending on the errands you need to run and develop a route
•Consider purchasing a motorcycle
•Ride a bicycle or walking the local store
•Make certain maintenance on your car is up to date
•Keep tires inflated at right pressure
•Apply fuel saving products on your car
•Limit air conditioner consumption in the summer as it brings down MPG efficiency


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