Antara Avanza, Livina & Exora…

mana satu pilihan hati. nampak exora lebih besar dengan injin campro cps 1.6 mampukah memberikan prestasi yang dikehendaki?



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  1. i would like to have a mpv car. Do u think proton ezora is a good car to buy? is it under power? car dealer said the engine is already modified. is it true that the engine being modified to give a better horse power. other than that, is the car really improved on body, chassis, handle, and others?

  2. aha…from my survey poll result 58% would choose exora rather than livina or avanza, you can surf to get more understanding. i have not test drive exora but already tried alza recently so I can’t comment on exora…pls remember finally you have to test drive and compare and not just read others comment because everyone has different reason to own their chosen mpv…

  3. exora.

    hands down. 🙂

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