Love Your Car By Covering & Hand Car Wash To Keep Your Car Like New

New vs old

Imagine having a look at a vehicle from the year 1993. What we often see is a car with a few dents, many rust spots and faded paint. Then, check out any new 2011 vehicle and wonder, “in fifteen years, how the thing will look like then?”

Doing the impossible

Most of the time, you might say, it can not be avoided. It was just something that happens from time to time and there is no way to stop it. But in other occasion, it happens from time to time when you look at a vehicle ten or fifteen years age, and you will be amazed at the condition of the vehicle. It may old but certainly not bad and in very good condition. So how is it possible for two vehicles that were manufactured and released in the same year could look so different?

Cover your car

Coverking UVCCAR4S98 Universal Fit Cover for Sedan Length 16.9 ft. to 19 ft.- (Coverguard, Grey)
Amazon Price: $24.31
List Price: $41.34
Coverking UVCCAR3S98 Universal Fit Cover for Sedan Length 14.3 ft. to 16.8 ft.- (Coverguard, Grey)
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List Price: $40.36
Universal Disposable Car Cover 12 x 24 FT All Sizes Sedan Mini Van SUV Truck Furniture Room Sofa
Amazon Price: $30.00

Tender, love and care attitude

The answer is simple. It is a matter tender, love and care that the owner show in his/her car. In other words, there are many things people can do to prevent wear and tear of their vehicles that may occur in the course of many years of use. One way is to put some investment by purchasing a car cover. A car cover is very useful because it avoids unnecessary injuries occur due to possible contamination, dirt, rain, snow, bird droppings, mud and tree sap. But if your car is not stored in the garage, a car cover is very crucial to have.

Another way you can be sure that your car is always kept clean by taking it continuously for a car wash. A full-service car wash includes good scrub from the outside of the car and also clean the entire interior in which a complete vacuum of the carpets and seats are performed. This ensures that the car always looks fresh and clean as new. To avoid the car seat or carpet form dirt, try not to bring food and drinks in the car.

Other ways to help your car look like new every time is when you get a scratch or dent, it is important to repair it immediately. The more you wait, it will only get worse from time to time because they can easily get rusty.

Wash your car

Meguiar's Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner, 64oz.
Amazon Price: $7.99
List Price: $10.99
MOTHERS 05632 California Gold Car Wash - 32 oz
Amazon Price: $6.72
List Price: $9.03
Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt
Amazon Price: $4.95
List Price: $6.29

High Power LED Super Bright BMW Angel Eyes For Sale

Your aging BMW headlight may need an upgrade

We all know how crucial it is that we have a dependable good bright light, especially when driving in rainy and misty days. Too often, however, the car headlights are not working as we expect it would be. Angel Eyes BMW H8 High Power LED ring marker is the perfect solution for night driving. There are two types of LED Angel Eye on the market today and they can be mistakenly looked the same at the first glance. One is with a wider angle and the other one with a narrow angle version of light. This is an important distinction, because one is the narrow angle of 30 degrees while the angle of the lamp arm is 60 degrees wide.

That’s a big difference, especially if you are driving at night in dark areas with no other lights that can guide your driving.

Narrow angle versus wider angle

Wide-angle 60 degrees H8 High Power LED bulbs provide a maximum power of the headlights and let you see more distance of the roads. Night driving can be dangerous, especially if you drive in a rural area with a nocturnal animal. Have you seen what can affect a driver even a small deer can do to a car? The arm of a broader light can help you spot objects near the road even before you smell the danger.

BMW Angel Eyes HID resembles 2011 BMW 5-series with an output of 6W in total. These are yellow light and replace them with the newer model is the way to go. You can replace the old halogen lamps with LED lights for better visibility, longer bulb life and reduced carbon footprint. Each section has two 3W high power LED lamps, high and low beams. Installation is easy even you can do it yourself. What you do is to remove the old bulb and just simply plug in the Angel Eyes. The decoder which its task is to neutralize any error will ensure they are turned on and not cause an error message on the dashboard.

This high power LED Angel Eye is tailored to fit into 2009 and up E90 Sedan, Coupe E92 2007 and later, 2009 and up E92 M3 and E93 Convertible 2008 and later. Also models that fit with the new bulb are the 1 Series, X Series and Z Series. Angel Eyes For BMW will only set properly if it is installed with BMW factory HID LIGHTS. BMW is one of the best cars in the world and accessories such as BMW Angel Eye Kit makes it much more better.

You do not have to be satisfied with the dull yellow light when you can choose to have bright, white LED.

Angel Eyes LED BMW latest models

GP Thunder Plasma-White H8, 8500K / 35W Quartz Glass Bulbs (2 bulbs)
Amazon Price: $10.49
PIAA 18235 H8 Xtreme White Bulb - Twin Pack
Amazon Price: $55.00
List Price: $89.00
iJDMTOY 7000K Xenon White 6W High Power H8 LED Angel Eyes for BMW E60 E90 E92 E70 E71 E89 E82 1 3 5 Series X5 X6 Z4
Amazon Price: $69.99
iJDMTOY 7000K Extremely Bright 10W CREE High Power LED Angel Eyes Bulbs for BMW E39 E53 E60 E63 E64 E65 E66 E83 5 6 7 Series X3 X5
Amazon Price: $79.99
BMW Ultra Bright 7000K White LED 20W H8 Angel Eye Halo Bulb
Amazon Price: $64.99
List Price: $77.99
iJDMTOY 360-Degree Xenon White CREE 20W High Power H8 LED Angel Eyes for BMW E60 E61 E90 E92 E70 E71 E82 E89 1 3 5 Series X5 X6 Z4
Amazon Price: $139.99
Spec-R H8 Red LED Devil Eye Halo Ring Light Bulbs for BMW E92 E82 X5 X6
Amazon Price: $38.00
Super Bright Green Led Angel Eye Halo Ring Bulbs Kit H8 Light Lamp For BMW 1 3 5 6 Series
Amazon Price: $49.99
BMW ANGEL EYE E92 E93 H8 HALO RING High Power LED BULBS Head Light 7000K White
Amazon Price: $42.25
iJDMTOY 7000K Xenon White 6W High Power LED Angel Eyes for BMW E90 E91 325i 330i Pre-LCI (Before Facelift)
Amazon Price: $44.40

Anti glare glasses prevent glare while driving

Drive comfortably without glare

Have you almost have an accident due to glare while driving? Glare can be caused by many things. Causes of glare includes the use of white light bulb used in vehicle, the light from the sun reflect from the surface and go into your eyes and etc.

Glare will cause your view blocked and making it difficult to respond to situations you are expecting. This problem can be avoid if you can overcome the glare.

There is now a sophisticated technology that has been created and the product is polarized sunglasses. Just wear polarized sunglasses and your views will become clearer and without any distortion.

Actually you can even used polarized sunglasses during cycling, fishing, hiking and other sporting activities that may carried out openly to sunlight.

Polarized sunglasses neutralized glare

Flying Fisherman Maverick Polarized Sunglasses (Matte Black Frame, Smoke Lenses)
Amazon Price: $14.40
List Price: $21.95
Flying Fisherman Key Largo Polarized Sunglasses (Matte Black Frame, Smoke Lenses)
Amazon Price: $11.92
List Price: $19.95
Flying Fisherman San Jose Polarized Sunglasses (Copper Frame, Amber Lenses)
Amazon Price: $16.87
List Price: $21.95

Punca tayar selalu kurang angin

Baru-baru ni aku perasan tayar depan kurang angin.

Nampak sangat tu yang jadi perasan sebelum ini rasanya tak macam ni kecuali kalau memang skru atau paku masuk dalam tayar terus pancit.

Ingat balik sebelum aku tukar tayar baru brand lain dari yang sebelum ni.

Bukan aku yang nak tukar brand tapi dah pusat servis bertauliah ni yang suggest tayar brand lain sebab dia kata brand tu saje yang dia ada. Boleh percaya ke?

So dalam hati fikir takkanlah tayar brand terkenal yang mahal ni ada masalah angin keluar, macam tak percaya je.

Brand tayar sebelum ni  yang aku pakai memang tip top. Dari mula aku pam sampai bila-bila pun angin dia maintain je. Baru aku perasan tayar ni memang terbaik. Lain kali tak payah tukar lain brand lah.

Nak pastikan apa dia masalahnya aku pun pergi kedai tayar. Nak kata bocor tak ada nampak skru atau paku yang melekat kat tayar, aku dah cek dah.

Lepas tu lagi satu yang pelik angin dia keluar slow sangat. Jika bocor dah gerenti aku kena panggil pomen datang rumah atau ganti tayar spare buat sementara waktu.

Tapi bocor dia tak macam tu. Tak terus pancit tapi tayar jadi lembik.

Nak tau apa kesan tayar lembik ni?

Kesan-kesannya ialah steering jadi berat. Nama je power steering tapi bila nak pulas steering tu memang agak terasa tak smooth.

Lagi satu nanti tayar makan atau tayar haus tak sekata.

Jika korang banyak duit silakan tayar melembik lanyak sampai kong.

Kereta pun akan gerak tak selancar kalau tayar bulat cantik so ini akan sebabkan apa? Penggunaan minyak yang lebih dari biasa.

Jadi nak elak fulus terebang lebih baik aku pergi bengkel kereta. Hasil pemeriksaan lepas rendam dalam air memang sah takde bocor pun.

Tapi pomen perasan ada bubble sangat kecil asyik keluar dari inlet tempat angin pam masuk. So pomen cadangkan tukar inlet ni untuk kedua-dua tayar depan.

Dah hasilnya memang terbaiklah.

Tayar kencang balik harap untuk jangkamasa yang lama tak perlu pam tayar berkali-kali semata nak top up angin yang keluar tu tadi.

Bila tayar kencang dan bulat, steering pun ringan dan mudah nak manouver kereta dan semestinya kereta pun gerak smooth dan menjimatkan minyak.

Jadi pastikan kereta tayar tu tak bocor cuma repair mana yang perlu sahaja. Jangan sampai kena tipu dengan bengkel hanya sebab kita tak ada ilmu mengenai kereta kita sendiri.

Walaupun hantar bengkel tapi aku cadangkan sebagai pemilik kereta yang sayangkan kereta masing-masing ambil tahu mengenai kereta kita sendiri supaya kita tahu apa yang perlu atau tidak perlu untuk menjaga kereta masing-masing dan tidak serah bulat-bulat keputusan di tangan pomen.

Cara cuci fuel injection (kereta kurang kuasa)

Kereta selalunya kurang kuasa sebab fuel injection yang kotor.

Jangan terburu-buru nak sentuh barang lain bro.

Cuba setel satu demi satu.

Kos pon tak mahal.

Try cuci injector.

Kalau takde cuba la cuci karburator.

Kadang problem simple je tapi kita je yang fikir lebeh.

Why not try first?

Kita cuba yang simple dulu dan ini pun praktikal.

Bukan susah sangat pun.

Taung je dalam tank.

Rega pun tak sampai RM100.

Jimat kos giler!

Pickup memang best kata testimoni yang dah try.

Klik sini—> Try cuci fuel injection bagi pickup power bro!

Cara untuk dapatkan top speed

Cara untuk dapatkan top speed kereta anda ialah dengan mengembalikan kuasa asal kereta.

Ingat tak masa mula2 dapat angkat kereta dari kedai.

Smooth kan macam jalan atas air.

Sekarang apa dah jadi.

Kereta lembam?

kereta takde pickup?

enjin tak pickup?

kereta kurang kuasa?

kereta kurang pickup?


Bukan salah kereta pun.

Tapi salah tuan punya kereta.

Pakai tau.

Servis hampeh!

Nak bagi tau sini.

Cara untuk dapatkan top speed ialah dengan cuci injector.

Tu pun kalau kereta injection.

Kereta lama camner bro? Masih pakai karburetor!

Takde masalah, boleh je.

Guna pencuci karburator lah.

Mana nak hantar? Bro ada buat tak?

Tak yah. Buat sendiri jek!

Mana tau bro.

Owh ini DIY punya. Made in USA.

Tuang dalam tangki dia cuci sendiri punya.

Boleh percaya ke?


Kalau tak percaya boleh baca testimoni.

Klik sini —> Baca testimoni pickup power!

Kereta takde pickup?

Kereta takde pickup?
Enjin tak pickup?
Kereta kurang kuasa?
Kereta kurang pickup?

Jangan risau.

Jawapannya ialah kerana injector atau karburetor yang kotor!

Kena overhaul ke?

Hohoho …

Takdelah macam tu. Jangan buat lawak ok.

Penyelesaiannya semudah ABC.

Nak tau?

Ni haa dia.


Bila injector kotor inilah yang terjadi, minyak sembur tak cantik sebabkan pembakaran tak sekata.

Bila pembakaran tak sekata, enjin pun kurang kuasa.

Bagaimana nak servis injector atau karburator?

Hantar kedai tau je lah, kang buka2 enjin pomen kata ada barang lain pulak rosak.

Macam-macam kan.

So, nak mudah tak payah buka enjin pon.

Cuci dalaman je macam makan jamu tu.

Nak tau caranya?

Cara mudah kos jimat tapi berbaloi.

Klik sini —> Cuci injector/karburator DIY (buat sendiri je)