Cheap Samsung 7 Tablet Alternatives with Comparable Performance

Cheap Samsung 7 Tablet Alternative

Hey, I am sorry if you are looking for Samsung 7 Tablet. I am sure that you have already do your own research on the Tablet. However, this article is meant for those who are looking for alternatives because of price factor. It is normal for us to look for cheap and affordable gadget but with comparable performance. The gadget that I suggest here is Archos 70.

Why search for an alternative?

It is cheaper. You may not want to waste money on brands because the performance is comparable.

Technology is changing rapidly. You would rather having different gadget every time there is an upgrade. You can’t afford to buy expensive hardware every time where you can get the same technology and function at a cheaper price.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet, at ~$250 is a great alternative to the ~$500 iPad and the ~$400 Samsung Galaxy Tab. Many users amazed by how thin and light it was when they first took it out of the box, at 300 grams, it feels like it is empty of electronics. The capacitive touch screen on an Archos tablet is cool too, you need to get used to that.

In below video, it shows you multi-touch, web browsing speed, email, facebook, Google Maps Street View, Live wallpapers, video playback, HDMI output and more.

Considering other alternatives but not Archos 70?

There are a lot other options out there and the brands are also many. Each of them offers very unique features you may find interesting. The brands are like Android 2.3 Tablet PC Samsung Cortex TM-A8 S5PV210 1.2GHz CPU 8 Inch/4GB HDD/512MB DDR2/Camera/HDMI or 7″ Renesas Dual Cortex A9 EV2 with NEC Android 2.2 tablet PC 1 Ghz Camera 512MB 4GB Capacitive Screen MID. Another good bargain is Le Pan TC 970 9.7 Inch Multi Touch LCD Google Android Tablet PC. The reviews are quite interesting to read since there are pros and cons discussed but hey you are the ones to make the final decision so read them carefully until you feel satisfy and confident to buy.

Archos Review Link

Archos 70 - 8 GB Internet Tablet (Black)
Just click on this link to read Archos Review. The reviews are from real buyers who has already experienced the performance of Archos 70. It does includes pros and cons to help you decide whether it is for you.
Amazon Price: $159.95
List Price: $239.99

Other Cheap Samsung 7 Tablet Alternatives with Trusted Quality

Android 2.3 Tablet PC Cortex TM-A8 S5PV210 1.2GHz CPU 8 Inch / 4GB HDD/ 512MB DDR2/ Camera/ HDMI/ Black/ White
Amazon Price: $124.99
List Price: $449.99
Le Pan I TC 970 9.7-Inch Android Tablet
Amazon Price: $158.58
List Price: $179.99